Self Defense Programs

At Combat Mindset, we teach a functional system of self defense that combines philosophies from combative arts such as Muay Thai and Krav Maga. By doing so, we offer self defense classes for women that are packed with practical skills and intuitive techniques you can perform instantly.

The result? You’ll never have to become a statistic.

To the team here at Combat Mindset, fitness and strength matter, but they aren’t everything. Instead, you must learn the proper techniques and use the specifics of any scenario to your advantage. This means that no matter the size of the opponent or other compromising qualities, you’ll be ready.

The functional self defense program at Combat Mindset has been researched, developed and refined over the last two decades by international security consultant Michael Saad using techniques and philosophies from various combat art styles including: Krav Maga, Muay Thai and the United States Modern Army Combatives Program.

It delivers results other self defense programs can’t.

Learn. From someone who's been there, done that.

Most ‘self defense experts' – have no practical experience. They watch videos or read manuals in their parent's basement… and then are magically certified to teach you.

That's not very practical. Or very safe!

Our founder and training director, Michael Saad, has spent the better part of the last 2 decades learning how to keep people safe – and learning how to teach people… in real-life, not from an online “certification” course.

From Thailand to Israel, and from Philippines to Dubai – he has went to the source of many combative systems to be able to bring it to you.

Simple to Use. Easy to Remember.

Two qualities that are vital for anyone in need of self defense techniques that will not only be learned, but remembered and applied as well.

All too often, women’s self defense classes focus only on specific scenarios, such as dating and domestic violence. However, it’s important for you to solve personal safety concerns whether in the event of an attack, street crime or another violent encounter.

And, at Combat Mindset, we’re passionate about using our innovative approach to functional self defense by creating a class specifically for women.

rePowerment. With no strings attached.

Self defense programs regularly promise ‘empowerment,’ especially when it comes to women. But, what does that actually mean? Most programs can’t define it, let alone deliver on their promise to do so.

At Combat Mindset, we take a different approach.

Combat Mindset prioritizes practical, reality-based combat training where you’ll learn how to use your strengths to prey on the mental and physical weaknesses of your assailant.

The result? True rePowerment and peace of mind, no matter the situation you find yourself in. To us, rePowerment means consistently building upon lessons to develop skills that will make you successful in an attack.

While you may start with little or no skills, you'll leave each day more confident and secure – ready to take on most anything.

Our training program will give you the mental, physical and tactical tools you need to survive in the real world and is packed with a dedication to the fundamentals, giving you a foundation of skills and knowledge you can apply in your everyday life.

This is because we focus on the natural reactionary movements people automatically perform while under stress. In real life situations, this eliminates hesitation and thought and delivers an automatic response that will keep you, and those around you, safe.

Your Combat Mindset

As with everything else in this world, the term is often up for interpretation on many levels. But, for the purposes of my site, my brand and why you’re here… Having a Combat Mindset, simply means that you have developed the ability to act effectively and ethically under adversity, stress or extreme pressure.

Being able to act effectively under stress, doesn’t mean you’re a sociopath wanting confrontation. It means that you have conditioned yourself to overcome emotional and involuntary instincts that might keep you from reacting to an attack.

There should also be no moral dilemma or question on whether countering an attack is ethical. I can think of nothing that defines ethics more than life-saving and life-protecting values in action.

An illusion of safety can be a dangerous thing

Gone are the days when our children can roam the neighborhood without care, when you can leave your doors unlocked at night, of absolute trust of the system and humanity. Gone are the days of being an innocent bystander. You can not trust anyone. If they are living, they are human and they are not worthy of absolute trust.

There will always be those that claim the belief above is false. There will be those who claim that, the people who subscribe to that belief, are cynical people that live a poor and unrewarding life.

My Belief: They are the problem. Not the solution.

A person can be good. People, as a whole, are evil. Just as a person can be intelligent. People, as a whole, are ignorant. Don’t believe me? Take a trip to Best Buy on Black Friday and see for yourself.

The 4 Legs of a Combat Mindset

There are four legs that make a solid mindset and should be constantly used and developed. If one of them fails, the entire foundation of your Combat Mindset will collapse. Each begins to work, even before a threat is realized.

Some things, like your situational awareness, play a big part in actually preventing trouble or creating a hard target for any would-be attacker. After all, the best way to survive an attack is to avoid one.


repeatedly practicing techniques equips you to respond with gross muscle memory under stress, when your fine motor skills are unavailable.


what should you do when confronted with an attacker? should you flank them? hit left and dodge right? attack the weapon first, always, before worrying about the person holding it!


fight, flight or fright. are you gonna freeze up and cower when attacked? run? are you mentally strong enough to do what needs to be done in the situation?


are you in good enough shape to even handle an attack? do you have what it takes to put them down?

A gun is good. A knife is good. A stick is better than nothing at all, and your hands, arms, legs and muscles are to be relied on when nothing else can be. But, without your brain, without thinking and without cognizant awareness you are little more than an animal fighting for survival in a dangerous situation.

Situational Awareness​

Your situational awareness – a state of mind and capability in any given situation – plays a big part in actually preventing trouble and creating a hard target for any potential attack. To put this intangible necessity in perspective, I use a color code system that was created by United States Marine Lieutenant Colonel Jeff Cooper to explain the different levels of situational awareness.

The Cooper Color Code, originally introduced as White, Yellow, Orange and Red, had nothing to do with tactical situations or alertness levels, but rather with one’s state of mind. It’s not meant to give you an indication of how much danger is around you or apparent – it’s not a freakin Spidy Sense – but rather to help you to think through a difficult situation.

It directly relates to the degree of danger you are able to do something about. It allows you to move from one level of mindset to another to properly handle a tough situation. In short, the Color Code helps you “think” in a fight. As the level of danger increases, your willingness to take certain actions increases.

If you ever do go to Condition Red, the decision to use lethal force has already been made and your mental trigger has been tripped.

Condition White

You’re unaware of anything going on around you. Maybe you’re fatigued, distracted, or had a bit too much wine with dinner. Regardless of the excuse, you are not ready — for anything. You are unprepared and unready. If you are attacked in White you will probably die unless your attacker is totally inept.

Condition Yellow

You’re calm and relaxed, scanning your surroundings for potential threats. You know who’s in front of you, to your sides, and behind you. You don’t think anyone will make a hostile move, but you are mentally ready in case something sketchy happens. Honestly, yellow should be the “default” condition for most people in 2016.

Condition Orange

You recognize that something is sketchy and chances for violence are increasing. At this stage you see the positions of all potentially hostile individuals around you and any weapons they may be able to use, both in their hands or within their reach. You develop a plan for dealing with the potential hostiles, including identification of escape routes. You’re both mentally and physically ready.

Condition Red

You are engaged in combat. Someone is assaulting you and you are reacting to the attack and defending yourself. You are taking immediate and decisive action to stop your opponent, or evade and get help.

Condition Black

Catastrophic breakdown of mental and physical performance. Usually over 175 heartbeats per minute, increased heart rate becomes counter productive. May have stopped thinking correctly. This can happen when going from Condition White or Yellow immediately to Condition Red.

It’s Time to Get Started

Having a solid Combat Mindset, goes so much further than beating an assailant to a bloody pulp. In fact, a true Combat Mindset is more powerful than any weapon – it’s used well before, and after, any confrontation, violent encounter or potentially traumatizing experience.

In today’s rapidly changing climate, a Combat Mindset is a must-have trait, a prerequisite skill before leaving your home and an essential part of everyday life.

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