If you’re looking to burn MAXIMUM calories as quickly as possible, Combat Mindset is where you need to be!

Fitness Programs

In one class you’ll work every functional fitness area: aerobic endurance, speed, strength, flexibility and more. Each workout contains a wide variety of full-body, high-intensity, fat-blasting movements to get you stronger and leaner, and will continue to give you RESULTS.

Did we mention it’s fun, too?

Not only will our certified coaches keep you motivated, our small class sizes offer a great sense of community and friendly competition to keep you coming back and working hard.

Whether you’re super-fit, looking to lose weight, or you’ve hit a physical or mental plateau with your current workout routine, our fitness programs are designed to challenge and benefit anyone.

Functional mobility

Decrease risk of injury by improving movement through full range of motion.

Dynamic flexibility

Increase range of motion so movements can be performed correctly and safely.


Full-body focus using moderate to heavy loads in order to increase max power.


Improve aerobic and anaerobic stamina and endurance.


Improve top speed and foot speed, quicken accelerations and decelerations, quicken forward and lateral movements.

Explosive power

Optimize power output through plyometrics and jumping/landing techniques.


Up your game with instruction and mentoring on proper nutrition for athletes.