Peak Performance Coaching

Tired of being weak?

Every successful person has a Coach.

It doesn't matter if its for business, athletics, life, work – a great Coach will give you the blueprint you need to level-up your goals and reach new ones.

  • Tired of being confused or frustrated on how to train?
  • Training for a Life Event (Wedding, Police Academy, Military, College Athletics)
  • Getting injuries and unsure why this happens
  • Busy or just stressed and need accountability and smart training

You are here, on this page, for a reason.

I work with males and females of all ages, for all reasons, to meet all goals from anywhere in the world to give you the transformation you're looking for, and deserve.

Without any obligation, I’ll develop a personal development plan based on our conversation and your needs. Your plan will include several milestones to give you a comprehensive plan of action to take in order to better your life.

Whether you choose to continue to work with me or not, this plan is an invaluable resource for any one to take control of their life – giving customized advice and actionable tips you can take.

Ready to take action?

In-Person Training

Come train with us in Dothan, Alabama at Combat Mindset – a mixed martial arts training & conditioning studio that specializes in all aspects of athletic performance coaching.

1236 West Main Street
Dothan, Alabama  36301
(334) 446-6433