Sponsorship Opportunities​

Maybe you’re interested in what we're doing, and want to help make the world a better place? Or maybe you want to build your name recognition within our community? Either way, we’d like to invite you to come along and do both! We have an exciting year planned and we're positive we can meet and exceed any of your expectations in establishing your brand or protecting your interests.

Combat Mindset is committed to our relationship and we're looking forward to creating lifelong partnerships. Know that our team not only focused on developing an evolving relationship, but also on bringing substantial returns on all of our dedicated sponsors’ investments.

And hey, who doesn’t like more friends and high returns?

The Benefits of Becoming a Sponsor

We offer our sponsors access to a targeted, energetic and affluent online market through our site, podcasts, video segments and webinars. With online advertising becoming increasingly crucial to the growth of a company, this option will be a viable way of heightening your overall marketing success. But we take it a step further and are able to get your message to a captivated offline market as well through our workshops, live events and other programs.

Our primary audience is comprised of working adults who want to feel and be safe in an unpredictable world. Our goal is to help these individuals build a feeling of internal confidence and growth that is otherwise unattainable and give them the tools they need to make that feeling an everyday reality.

And we do that by offering free content on this site, as well as coaching and mentoring programs.

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Combat Mindset will not ever – under any circumstance – promote any product or service that we don’t believe in. We value the trust of our community more than a sponsorship deal.

We all have an understanding of how things work in the world, and this is no different. We provide you with an all-encompassing market and audience reach, by connecting all of the pieces that you may need. You provide the capital used to deliver it to them.

Avenues of Maximum Reach


  • Podcast Audio: A pre-recorded ‘bumper’ and/or a mention on the show, plus you get a write-up and link to your site or product page in the show notes.
  • Web Video: We can place your ad segment at the beginning of our videos, or display a stand alone video in our content.
  • Banner Advertisements: Graphic banners placed around this site, using your design or our team can even create one for you.
  • Profile Pages: Our team can build you a customized profile page that explains to the community everything they need to know about your business, and how to connect with you.


  • Printed Collateral: Have a brochure or flyer? Even if you don’t, we can include your logo and information in mine that we give out at our live events.
  • Floor Banners: Large, printed banners that placed at the entrance/exit of our events. These 6-foot tall banners are sure to grab attention.
  • Booth Setup: Why not setup a booth to display your products at our events to a captivated audience with buying power.
  • Vendor Access: Want to do more than setup a booth? Offer your product or service to our event attendees! Things like transportation companies, food caterers and other useful vendors are always welcome.