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In-Person Training

If you are local to Dothan Alabama, or will be making the trip - you can train with Michael at his strength gym and mixed martial arts studio, Combat Mindset.

Virtual Coaching

Just because you can't train in Dothan Alabama, doesnt mean you can't benefit from the performance coaching offered by Michael.

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Michael’s practical approach is inspiring. He actually cares about our well-being and teaches techniques that anyone can do with very little thought. Thank you so much Michael!
Janet Y
One of the best programs I’ve ever been apart of. Not only do you get life-changing knowledge, but you also boost confidence to be able to handle almost any situation.
Alicia T

about Michael

Michael Saad is a straight-forward and easy to follow Performance Coach that helps athletes, fighters and tactical operators become mentally and physically stronger.

Guided Fitness

Want to train with Combat Mindset's methods, but not located in Dothan or prefer to train at a big-box gym like Crunch, Planet Fitness or Anytime Fitness?

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Where were you on 9/11?

Everybody that was out of diapers on 9-11-2001 remembers where they were that morning. I was wrapping up an overnight shift and stopped what I was doing when the plane crashed into the first building. We watched the news, first thinking it was an accident. Then the second plane crashed

Are you REALLY too busy to workout... or just LAZY?

Are you REALLY too busy to workout… or just LAZY?

Being too busy to workout is the #1 excuse people give for not actually starting or reaching their goals. It doesn't matter if you're the CEO of a multi-billion-dollar company, a receptionist for that company or the owner of a local mixed martial arts training studio… We all have the

Around the World and Back

They say that once you’re a cop, it’s in your blood and always will be. As a former police officer, international security consultant and self-defense instructor, I know how important it is to develop – and maintain – your combat mindset for all areas of your life. During my 12-year